Filming In Chicago | Chicago Teens Speak Out Against Violence

Filming In Chicago | Chicago Teens Speak Out Against Violence

Drawing much unwanted focus for its high crime rate, Chicago has actually made headlines worldwide with continuous images of gang violence. Now a group of inner city children have actually chosen to make a video short film from their standpoint given that they live with it on a daily basis.

Some Chicago teenagers joined the ASM “Tech-Kno Camp” to learn how to operate in movie and video, but virtually right away the subject of gang physical violence emerged as they discussed their experiences with each other. They agreed that if they were going to make this video, they would certainly make use of their personal experiences and hopefully send out a message of REALITY and TRUTH to others.

Kids Against Chicago Violence

The classmates produced the movie, Perpetrators, a story concerning exactly what could take place when you are not true to yourself and ultimately, what happens when you decide on the wrong course in life.

Yet the most vital fact learned might be just what the pupils take away from this experience regarding life.

 ASM Tech-Kno Camp | Perpetrators | Speaks Out On Chicago Violence

Kids Against Chicago Violence

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**It was a pleasure working with these teens and helping them explore the possibilities that still lie within our City. Students were able to film, create their own music and lyrics, and take the full hands on approach of the creative flow of production.

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