Think Your Computer Runs Too Slow? How to Run a Disk Speed Test

Think Your Computer Runs Too Slow?  Run a Disk Speed Test

So, you assume that age has finally overtaken your computer system and want to run a computer speed test to verify this?

A slow computer system is not a great thing to have, of course. Many computers fail a computer speed test as a result of negligence on the owner’s end.


Check out the video to see how to use and operate Blackmagic Design Disk Speed Test

Provided and listed below are the most usual reasons for a slow-moving computer system and a couple of tips that can aid you in stopping them from occurring to begin with. Why do computers run like tortoises?

The leading factors are:

  • Malware infection.

• A huge number of programs running in the ambient.

• A fragmented hard disk.

• A bloated and/or fragmented computer system registry.

Disk Speed Test, Disk speed test blackmagic

Shows Slower Speed


Disk Speed Test 1&2

Disk Speed Test, Disk speed test blackmagic
Shows Faster Speed


All these can be easily dealt with. Like to know exactly how? Below are the responses:.

Making sure your computer system is safe from malware.

Malware infections, without a doubt, are the greatest source of slow-moving computer system speed. To solve malware-related issues, perform the following steps:.

1. Mount a reliable anti malware software application if you do not have one.

2. Update your anti malware software.

3. Reactivate Home windows in Safe Mode.

4. Run a malware scan on your computer system.

5. Take proper action (as suggested by the software) against the reported threats.

(( Run a Disc Speed Test ))

The moment you have gotten rid of all dangers from your computer system, it is necessary that you preserve your computer system’s optimum performance. Right here are a few ideas that allow you to keep malware far from your computer:

• Update your anti malware software application regularly and run occasional malware scans.

• Keep away from suspicious web sites.

• Check the documents you download from the Net before running them.

• Scan e-mail attachments just before opening them.

Preventing background programs to a minimum.

Many of the programs you install additionally run in the ambient without you being mindful of it. At any moment, there might be as many as a hundred programs or also much more running in the ambient. While plenty of these ambient procedures are needed, a couple of are likely to be linked with programs that you do not use or require.

So what’s the remedy? Simple… Open Increase or Take out Programs and get rid of all the programs you do not require. Or stick to simply downloading programs that you actually require. Also, routinely examine the listing of installed programs and eliminate the ones you don’t use.

Preventing the hard drive from becoming fragmented.

Without entering into any sort of technicalities, let’s all understand the following truths:

1. A defragmented disk enhances your computer system’s efficiency, whereas a fragmented hard drive decreases your computer’s rate.

2. As you use your computer, your hard drive will certainly end up being fragmented unless you take corrective action.

So, just how you can prevent fragmentation or defrag a fragmented disk?

Disk Defragmenter is an integrated utility which permits you to defrag your disk drive(s). Run this device regularly (when every 15-30 days) to protect against fragmentation of the hard drive.

Also look into Disc Warrior for your Mac

Ensuring the Windows pc registry is tidy.

As when it comes to the hard drive, the Windows computer registry becomes cluttered in time and fragmented as a result of lengthened use.

Although Windows computers do not consist of a computer system registry upkeep software, several of these tools are offered free of charge on the web.

Makes no difference if you’re using a Mac or PC, this should help you get an idea on the speed of your hard drives and if you need to replace them.

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